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HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! (I’ll make sure to tell you happy birthday on your actual birthday too! :D)


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OMg that cat vdfnsjdksd & happy early early birthday!!

thank u my dear #uvu#

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When do you know you like-like someone? How fast can it happen? Im at an awkward stage where I may be developing feelings for someone so I dont really know what to do.

hmmmm, it might be different for some people. For me it’s when someone will mention their name and my heart will skip a beat. Or when they compliment me I get all giggly and embarrassed. Or maybe if someone sent you this ask in your own inbox and you immediately think about that one person? sometimes just seeing that person can immediately lift your mood c:

You tend to catch yourself thinking about them a lot more than you would anyone else and maybe seeing things in everyday life that remind of you them or objects you think they would like. 

As for the speed I guess any speed?? It once took me years to realise I liked a person and it once took me maybe a few weeks. 

I guess the best thing to do is to sit down and be honest with yourself about it, take some time to figure it out, what ever is the most comfortable speed for you. 

I hope this helped at least a little, and if not I apologise.

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Something not icky..but something TMI. Usually things that are tmi are kinda icky right? Well, lets see, once I was eating rice and I started laughing and I ended up getting rice up my nose. It was very uncomfortable. But I ended up sneezing it out later on, awkwardly. Rice does not belong in deh nose. Noe noe noe

oh my gosh haha, I once got a tiny plastic cup stuck up my nose when I was little, like the little one you get in maybe doll playsets??? well anyway I don’t know why but I had the urge to stick it in my nose, so I did, and when I couldn’t poke it out I got scared but I eventually managed to sort of blow through my nose hard enough for it to fly out.

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My Gay friend in highschool was strange to others as is with his nipple rings and habit of wearing a skirt to school, but once he ripped his cargo pants in Gym and my friend, Sabrina lent him some hot pink Yoga pants with the words "Sexy" on the left leg and he rocked those fucking things like holy shit.

yoooooooo, yoga pants are really something else ♥ If I had a pair I’d probs never take them off.

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I went to hang out with some friends during the weekend and met a random guy who said he really needed to take a crap. And that he had spent two weeks without bowel movement. He said he couldnt get the shit out even with a diamond pickax, I honestly hope that guy was able to take a dump, seriously. People take the act of taking a crap for granted, but it is serious business yo.

Holy shit two weeks? Oh my god I hope he did manage to do his business, that can’t be healthy. Maybe he’s just not eating very well or something???

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TMI post I farted.

Nice B)

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I’m sorry to bug you but could you screen shot it for me? :3
okay so yeah that’s my current playlist. sorry about the few that are duplicates and are labelled funny haha
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