My friend Jennifer bought these Free! phone charms for me and I’m so happy look how cute they are ♥

My friend Jennifer bought these Free! phone charms for me and I’m so happy look how cute they are ♥

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I’m so glad they had Australian accents, I mean yeah they would cause Australia but still it makes me happy. So much English and Haru oh my gosh.

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I can make the pixels bob up and down I am pleased.

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That seems like a good range! I was gonna suggest $7 - $10, and that’s about £6 - £8 so you look good to me! £10 might be a TAD high but you could make those pixels a bit bigger maybe? Or bouncing? It’s your art and I think your prices are good.

$10 comes to be about £6 currently. I agree £10 would be too much in dollars but maybe I could charge £7 which comes out a $11.39. I could probably squeeze it up to £8 which is $13.02 if I make them bigger and bounce.

But thank you very much, I never really considered the bouncing thing before but i can make them bigger no problem :O I will experiment with it and if I can make them bounce I might be able to increase the price a lil bit. 

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Anyone able to give me some advice about the pricing for commissions? 

I’m thinking of commissioning pixels like this one (properly coloured and full body like below):

I am unsure of the amount to charge? I was thinking around £5 to £10 but the problem is while that seems fair to me, in dollars it is about 50% more and is too much. I would like some advice in finding a suitable amount for them if possible. Any advice is appreciated. 

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hello!! i actually follow you on my original blog but im trying to relocate and use the same theme as you. im so sorry to ask but how did you get rid of the little spongebob and jellyfish images? the spongebob was above the description box and the jellyfish was where your popsicle is. im so sorry my ask is about this and not your art - which i really like i just never had to send an ask to you before ahah ;;

No problem!
The Spongebob is the side bar image and the Jellyfish is the back to top image. Just click the little pencil to change them up. If you want to remove the images completely just click on remove after clicking the pencil.


Sometimes the sidebar image may not appear as the right size and look fuzzy but I got mine to fit by fiddling with the image width. You can find this option if you scroll down the left hand side. Bigger value, the bigger the width, smaller value, smaller width. adjust until the image is clear.


Have fun making your blog look super awesome!

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it is super cute!

ah! Thank you!

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Hi, I'm Agendered but I'm biologically female with a feminine face. Being shoved into a gender I don't identify with due to appearance really hurts, so Would you have any ideas on how I could reduce this issue? Any help is appreciated *^-^*


Hmmm, as a cis female I do not feel that it is right of me to give you direct advice on this matter buuuut I did a lil’ digging and found a master post of helpful links for non-binary and genderqueer individuals.

There are a bunch of GQ and non-binary friendly blogs, forums and FAQ sites as well as books to read and organisations on the list who will be able to help you much better than I can.

I hope this will provide you with the help and support you need and that your problem is solved quickly. 

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I'm not asexual, but can I bake cakes or something for you guys? 'cause you're awesome and everybody needs cakes. 833

ace support cakes heck yeah

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Super late to the party but OH MAN I gotta be a part of this <3 Ace here :D !!

oh goSH YO i didn’t know you were ace! Welcome aboard friend!

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